Requesting Revenue Estimates and Other Analysis

Procedures for Congressional Members requesting revenue estimates and other analyses

Address requests to:

Thomas A. Barthold, Chief of Staff
Joint Committee on Taxation
502 Ford House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515 

Requests must be submitted on Member’s letterhead and signed by the Member.  Reference the subject and provide any supporting bills or documentation relating to the proposal or analysis for which the request is being submitted.  In the case of a revenue estimate request, a proposal need not have been introduced as a bill but must include sufficient detail for a revenue estimate to be prepared.  Questions concerning whether proposals or requests for other analyses are sufficiently detailed should be directed to the Joint Committee’s main office at Extension 5-3621.

List the name and contact information (phone number and email address) of the person in the Member’s office handling the request.

Submit the request by email at: [email protected]

Requests may also be sent via interoffice mail, hand carried directly to Room 502 of the Ford House Office Building, or faxed to 5-0832 (please follow-up with “hard-copy” originals).