Careers at the Joint Committee

For anyone interested in tax law and policy and the tax legislative process, serving as a staff member of the Joint Committee can be extremely stimulating and rewarding. Our staff is a closely-knit group of several dozen lawyers, accountants, economists, information technology specialists, and administrative support personnel. We work in teams to bring the perspectives of professionals from different disciplines to every project. Our aim in taking this collaborative, interdisciplinary approach is to provide a careful, informed analysis of each issue that we are asked to consider.

Because the Joint Committee staff is nonpartisan, we are able to assist both the majority and minority parties in the House and Senate, which better enables us to analyze issues from every angle and to provide continuity throughout the legislative process. Therefore, our professionals must be able to maintain strict confidentiality to ensure that the Joint Committee staff continues to enjoy a high level of trust from both sides of the political aisle and both houses of Congress.