Current Staff

Barthold, Thomas A. Chief of Staff 225‑3621
Harvey, Robert P. Deputy Chief of Staff 226-7575
Lenter, David L. Deputy Chief of Staff 225-3621

Arbeit, Jeffrey Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Asher, Nita P. Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Brand, Norman J. Senior Refund Counsel 317-4463
Bull, Nicholas Senior Economist 226‑7575
Butler, Tanya Statistical Analyst 226‑7575
Chen, Paul Economist 225-3621
Cilke, James Senior Economist 226‑7575
Clay, Gordon M. Senior Legislation Counsel 224‑5561
Derby, Elena Economic Research Assistant 226‑7575
Dowd, Tim Senior Economist 226‑7575
Gibson, Chase F. Refund Counsel 317-4463
Giosa, Chris Senior Economist 226‑7575
Gotwald, Robert C. Refund Counsel 317-4463
Gropper, Adam Legislation Counsel 224‑5561
Grossman, Andrew Legislation Counsel 225-7377
Habib, Sameh Economist 226‑7575
Harman, Heather Legislation Tax Accountant 226‑7575
High, Mark R. Information Technology Specialist
Hirsch, Harold E. Senior Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Holtmann, Thomas P. Senior Economist 226‑7575
Houser, Melani M. Chief Statistical Analyst 226‑7575
James, Deirdre Senior Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Jedlicka, Damion Director of Information Technology
Kwak, Sally Economist
Landefeld, Paul Economist 226-7575
LeCates, Joseph Economist 226-7575
Lue, Bert Economist
Mackie, Kathleen Economist 226‑7575
McGuire, Jamie Economist 226-7575
McLaughlin, Paul Legislation Counsel 225-3621
McMullen, Debra L. Senior Staff Assistant 225-3621
Means, Kristine M. Staff Assistant 225-3621
Moomau, Pamela H. Senior Economist 226‑7575
Moore, Rachel Economist 226-7575
Munday, Merrick Information Technology Specialist 226-7575
Murthy, Veena K.
Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Newton, Jonathan F. Information Technology Specialist
Northern, Jayne Executive Assistant 224‑5561
O'Brien, Melissa A. Tax Resource Specialist 224‑0494
Ortega, Dennis Desktop Support Specialist 226‑7575
Overend, Christopher J. Senior Economist 226‑7575
Pecoraro, Brandon Economist 226‑7575
Richards, Zachary W. Economist 226‑7575
Rock, Cecily W. Senior Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Rogers, Lucia J. Executive Assistant 226‑7575
Roth, Kristine Senior Legislation Counsel 224-5561
Schramm, Heidi Economist 226‑7575
Shima, Frank J. Administrative Specialist 225‑3621
Simmons, Chris Document Production Specialist 225-3621
Splinter, David Economist 226‑7575
Stuntz, Lori Senior Economist 226‑7575
Trigg, H. Brenton Senior Economist 226‑7575
Tucker, Natalie Legislation Tax Accountant 225-3621
Way, Kashi Senior Legislation Counsel 225-3621
Williams, Pamela Office Administrator 225‑3621
Xu, Lin Economist 225-3621

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